In Process of Licensure Authorization (IPLA)


The NH State Board of Education allows for an In Process of Licensure Authorization (IPLA) under certain circumstances. Ed 504.05

  1. A request must be received from a Senior Educational Official. Only the most current form should be used. Forms can be requested through the Credentialing Help Desk: I represent a NH school employer - EA/IPLA Request. There is no fee associated with this form. Completed forms can be emailed to our office if no SSN has been entered on the form (Ed ID only) to or mailed if a SSN is used on the form.

  2. The candidate must:

    1. have a submitted application/fee on file for full licensure

    2. meet the requirements for licensure except for any testing requirements

  3. Applicants for the Site-Based Licensing Plan or Portfolio/Oral Board pathways are not eligible for IPLA’s as they do not yet meet the requirements for licensure.

  4. When issued the IPLA is valid for up to one school year and is not renewable.

  5. An IPLA is not a license.