Emergency Authorization (EA)


The NH State Board of Education allows for an Emergency Authorization (EA) under certain circumstances.

Ed 504.04 and RSA 189:39-b

  1. A request must be received from a Senior Educational Official and a form/fee must be received from the candidate. Only the most current forms should be used. Forms can be requested through the Credentialing Help Desk: I represent a NH school employer - EA/IPLA Request. Please provide the candidate’s name, the endorsement area and Ed ID (if one has been assigned). Completed forms/fee must be mailed to our office.

  2. The candidate must:

    1. submit the application/fee for an EA along with the employer request.

    2. hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. The candidate must submit a transcript with registrar’s signature documenting at least a conferred Bachelor’s degree if not already in file with our office. (CTE Speciality Area endorsements are exempted from this requirement as of 7/5/2021. Please see SB 20 information below).

  3. When issued the EA is valid for up to one school year and is not renewable.

  4. An EA is not a license.

  5. An EA is only available for teacher endorsements

    1. per IDEA federal guidelines, EA’s are not available for the teacher endorsements listed below.

      1. Early Childhood Special Education

      2. Special Education Teacher

      3. Blind and Vision Disabilities

      4. Deaf and Hearing Disabilities

      5. Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities

      6. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

      7. Physical and Health Disabilities

      8. Specific Learning Disabilities

    2. further questions about special education endorsements can be directed to Susan Blake, Administrator, Bureau of Credentialing at 603-271-0072


SB 20

  • This bill was signed into law by the Governor on 5/6/2021. The law takes effect 7/5/2021.

  • This law exempts individuals applying to teach a course in a CTE specialty area from the Bachelor’s degree requirement for an Emergency Authorization.

  • Emergency Authorization requests may be submitted for CTE speciality area candidates that do not hold a Bachelor’s degree prior to 7/5/2021, applications and fees will be entered into the Educator Information System upon receipt, however the Emergency Authorization itself will not be issued until on or after 7/5/2021.

Emergency Order #64 (suspending the one EA per candidate limit) is no longer in effect as NH is no longer in a State of Emergency.

Our office will accept any employer EA requests received as of 8 am Monday 6/14/2021 (via form submission or Help Desk request) for a candidate that has already been issued an EA. Any requests submitted after this time for a candidate that has already been issued an EA will not be accepted.