New Applicant or Add an Endorsement


Requirements listed below are for each endorsement you are seeking. Completing a pathway for one endorsement does not mean you have met the requirements for any other endorsement. NH does not offer a pathway to licensure that only requires taking a test.




Endorsement Requirements

Required regardless of which pathway you choose.


Obtain a New Endorsement with an Expired License

If you have already held a NH educator license, which is currently expired, there are additional steps needed to apply for a new endorsement. Please use the instructions to Obtain a New Endorsement with an Expired License.

Pathways to Licensure

The New Hampshire State Board of Education recognizes that persons may become qualified as educators through a variety of educational and life experiences. The following pathways for becoming a licensed educator in NH are available:


Attend a college/university state-approved licensure program

This pathway can be used in conjunction with the Site-Based Licensing Pathway to become employed in the role while completing your licensure program or as a stand-alone pathway without NH employment in the role.


  • If your program located in NH is approved by the NH State Board of Education for licensure, once you meet your program’s requirements, your program/institution will recommend you to our office for licensure.

  • Program recommendations are valid for 3 years from the date of recommendation from the institution.

  • If your program was state-approved for licensure in another state, NH does not require that you have obtained licensure in that state.

  • Program recommendations for an endorsement sought are valid for 3 years from the date of recommendation from the institution.

  • If program completed more than three years prior to application, with documentation of licensure in the endorsement sought from the same state the program is located in that has not been expired for more than 3 years prior to the date of application

Complete licensure competencies while employed in the role


  • After meeting initial requirements to become employed in New Hampshire as an educator, this pathway allows 3 years to meet all NH licensing requirements while working under an Intern Authorization.


Demonstrate competencies prior to employment in the role

These pathways do not require current NH employment in the role to complete licensure.

  • After meeting initial requirements, this pathway allows you to submit a portfolio demonstrating how you have already met the competencies for NH licensure.

  • You will present your portfolio and sit for an oral board with three educators who hold the NH Experienced Educator License in the endorsement you are applying for. These three educators will determine if you meet the requirements for licensure.

  • This pathway is for those who hold licensure from a national/regional organization such as National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, National Association of School Psychologists, or US Department of Defense.

  • If you do not meet the requirements for Out-of-State Approved Program (AEPPOS), and/or instead completed an alternative pathway to licensure in another state (including taking a test to earn an additional endorsement), you must have 3 years' experience in the last 7 years under an out-of-state license in the endorsement sought to be eligible for full NH licensure in that endorsement.


Paraeducator, School Nurse, Educational Interpreter/Transliterator