Complete an Approved Educator Preparation Program

Approved Program located in NH:

  1. Select the endorsement(s) you wish to obtain. Endorsements Available and Requirements

  2. Use the following link to find an approved program available in NH and contact information.

  3. Contact the institution for any specific questions about the programs offered.

  4. Criminal History Record Check Clearance now required for:

    • Professional Educator Preparation Program (PEPP) Candidates

    • First-Time Applicants

    Criminal History Record Check Clearance Instructions

  5. If you are enrolling in a program and have testing questions or need to have a test evaluation, please see this article: Basic Academic Skills Assessment (BASA) and Subject Area Testing Information

  6. Please note recommendations are only valid for 3 years from your institution’s date of recommendation. If you do not obtain NH licensure during this time for your program endorsement, you will need to complete a different pathway for licensure in that endorsement.

  7. If you completed an approved program in NH, but now live out of state, you would still apply for the Approved Educator Preparation Program - NH (AEPPNH) pathway.


If you have completed a NH Educator Preparation Program and have been recommended by your program/institution for licensure, please apply following these directions.

If you have not been recommended for licensure or are unsure if you have been recommended, please contact your program/institution. We are unable to assist you with this pathway until you have been recommended.

If you have already held a NH educator license, which is currently expired, there are additional steps needed to apply for a new endorsement. Please use the instructions to Obtain a New Endorsement with an Expired License.

If your program will not recommend you at this time and you have at least a Bachelor’s degree conferred, please submit a Help Desk request to inquire about employment options.

Out-of-State Approved Program:


Out-of-state Applicant