Beginning of Plan (BOP) Amendment

What is an amendment?

An amendment is a change to a Beginning of Plan Individualized Professional Development Plan (BOP IPDP) that has already been approved by a Senior Educational Official and the NHDOE Bureau of Credentialing.  The candidate would already have an Intern Authorization (IA) issued.  The purpose of an amendment is to update all parties to changes in expectations for the Site-Based Licensing Plan candidate.

In contrast, a revision is a change requested by the Bureau of Credentialing to a submitted Beginning of Plan document before an IA is issued.


Why may an amendment be needed?

Below are some examples of when an amendment to an IPDP may be required:

·         Change in specific coursework (e.g. a course is no longer offered at institution)

·         Change in professional development (e.g. a workshop is cancelled)

·         Addition of remediation activities to increase scores on required certification tests

·         Change of mentor


How is an amendment completed?

An amendment is discussed between the candidate, mentor, and if necessary the SAU Site-Based Licensing Plan coordinator and/or Senior Educational Official.  Once an amendment is agreed upon, the candidate will submit the following to the Senior Educational Official:

·         Newly signed Beginning of Plan signature page (by candidate, mentor, and Senior Educational Official)

·         Amended IPDP, including all original IPDP activities that remain part of the plan (completed and uncompleted) and proposed changes.

How is an amendment submitted to the Bureau of Credentialing?

The Educator Information System (EIS) is currently not configured to accept amendments electronically.  Please have the employer email the completed amendment in one PDF to with “Amendment” in the subject line.

How will I know an amendment has been approved by the Bureau of Credentialing?

After an amendment has been submitted to and approved by the Bureau of Credentialing, the candidate and Senior Educational Official will receive an email with a PDF attachment documenting approval of the change in IPDP.


Additional Questions?

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