DOE Renewal Application Instructions


How do I apply online with a Visa/Mastercard?

This process will include entering your completed professional development, your professional development goals for the next 3 years, and online payment.


If you have had any name changes since you previously applied for a credential with our office, you must submit a name change form and receive confirmation that the name change is complete via email prior to beginning this process.

myNHDOE is used as a portal for many NHDOE systems – EIS (Educator Information System) is one of them. Do not create a new myNHDOE account if you have already created one.

Instead, log in or use the Forgot Username/Password link to log into your account if needed.

If you no longer have access to the email you used to set up your myNHDOE account, please submit a Login Help Desk request.

If you have ever submitted a test evaluation form, applied for any credential, had test scores submitted from ETS or Pearson to our office, or received a recommendation for licensure from a NH approved educator preparation program, you may already have an EIS account established. This account may or may not have sufficient profile information to associate with your myNHDOE account during the set-up process.


Detailed Instructions for how to create a myNHDOE account


If you receive any errors while attempting to create your myNHDOE account, cancel the set-up wizard and please submit a Help Desk request.

Email error: You may be using an email already used by another family member with an EIS account or your EIS account has a different name or incorrect date of birth listed. Your EIS account may contain different emails than the emails you are using to create a myNHDOE account or your EIS account may contain no emails at all. Please cancel the wizard and submit a Help Desk request.

Account set up error: If you submit and then receive an error message, try using a new browser window and log in with the username and password you just created. If this is unsuccessful, please submit a Help Desk request.

The top table will show you how many CEU’s (hours) you still need to enter for your certificate and for your endorsements before you can apply. Only when the CEU’s Remaining for All Credentials column shows “0” will the Apply link be activated.

Goals are not entered from this screen, but rather during the application process in later steps.

CEU’s are entered on the bottom table, using the “Click Here to Add a CEU” link.

Once you have entered the appropriate hours for your certificate, use the down arrow to select endorsements to apply professional development CEU’s. (Educator licenses only - this does not apply to School Nurses, Educational Interpreter/Transliterator or Paraeducator licenses).

Once the “CEU’s Remaining for All Credentials” shows “0”, click on “Apply” on the far right of the top column to begin the eight step application/payment wizard.

You will be asked to enter your goals for the next 3 year cycle. Our system only accepts Visa/MasterCard. There is a time limit for completing the payment wizard. Please have your goals and card ready.

Please note Ed 505.07 has been renumbered to Ed 505.03. We appreciate your patience as we update EIS and the screenshot.

You will confirm your profile information, respond to conduct/ethics acknowledgements and submit payment. If you cancel the wizard, your updated profile information and application will not be saved, however your entered PD will remain in the Professional Development tab.

New applicant: If you are able to log in and you do not see the EIS/Educator role and instead see “New Applicant”, this means your EIS account has not been associated with your myNHDOE account. If you know your Ed ID, please click the link to associate your accounts by adding in your NH Educator Number to your profile. If you do not know your Ed ID, or you receive any error message, please submit a Help Desk request.

Manage Your Professional Development Link: If you click on your EIS/Educator role, but do not see the link on your Welcome page to “Manage Your Professional Development” and you have a current hire date under Assignments and either an expired license, or a current license but are not employed under a Professional Development Master Plan, you will need to apply via paper/check as a DOE Renewal. If you have a current hire date under Assignments, a current license and your employer has a Professional Development Master Plan under which you are employed, you must submit a Recommended Renewal.

Do not use these links to renew as a DOE Renewal:

Apply Link:

  • If the “Apply” link does not work, make sure your browser is up to date or try a different browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox).

  • Please also be sure you are not less than 1 CEU short (.5 CEU’s for example). The system currently does not display missing CEU’s if less than 1.

  • You may have too many hours applied to your certificate and not enough to an endorsement. Use the “Edit” link in the bottom CEU table to apply the CEU’s appropriately.

  • If the “Apply” link continues to not work, please submit a Help Desk request.

Enter Goals in the payment wizard:

NH Department of Education Professional Development Master Plan