Educator DOE Renewal


Who needs to complete an Educator DOE Renewal and what are the requirements?

  • Employed as a Superintendent

  • Not Employed in a NH school

  • Employed in a Non-public or Charter School without a Professional Development Master Plan

  • Expired License

Please contact your employer to find out if your school has a Professional Development Master Plan and will be recommending you for renewal or if you should continue with this Educator DOE Renewal. If you will be recommended for renewal under a local Professional Development Master Plan, complete a Recommended Renewal and do not apply for a Educator DOE Renewal.

Professional development must occur within the 3 year period prior to your application date. Applications may be submitted after January 1 of the expiration year for valid licenses. Expired licenses can be renewed at any time.

Intern Authorizations cannot be renewed through a DOE Renewal. For more information regarding Intern Authorizations, please review Site-Based Licensing Plan information.

Educator Professional Development Requirements

Examples of Acceptable Professional Growth Activities


DOE Renewal Application Instructions