Verification of a Credential Request


Credential Verification

Do you need documentation of an expired credential, test scores, or have an employment/licensure form for us to complete?


Information about Credential Verifications

What is a Credential Verification?

A Credential Verification request is submitted if an educator (that has at some time been licensed in NH) needs to submit documentation to a state other than NH of an expired license, test scores, or other information. A Credential Verification can also be used for employment purposes outside the field of education.

General Information:

  • We are not authorized to issue or print copies of expired credentials.

  • We can issue you a credential verification letter that includes the type of credential you held in NH, the endorsements, status of the credential, testing, and the expiration date.

  • If you have been provided a specific form for us to complete from another agency, please be sure you have completed your part of the form before submitting the form along with your Credential Verification Request and fee.

A Credential Verification application is NOT:

How to submit a Credential Verification Request:

Complete the form:

  • Download the form located at the bottom of this article

  • complete the fillable PDF

  • save the form (signature not required for submission through myNHDOE/EIS).

Submit the form:

From your myNHDOE/EIS/Educator Home Screen, click on the following:

Then click on:

Steps 1-5 complete the application wizard instructions.

Step 6 upload the completed credential verification form. Browse/Add File. Check the box for the attestation. Save/Next.


Steps 7-8 complete the fee wizard.


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