School Nurse Memo

In response to RSA 200:29 School Health Services (effective August 20, 2016), the State Board of Education has adopted rules for the licensure and renewal of School Nurses (Ed 504.07, 504.08, 504.09, 512.07) and re-adopted with amendment rules Ed 306.12, 508.16, 509.01, and 509.02.

In response to Senate Bill 137 (Chapter 144) Session Year 2019, RSA 200:29 has been amended effective 8/25/19. Applications for School Nurse II are no longer authorized. All applicants for School Nurse must meet the criteria of School Nurse I or III.

Initial Licensure

Required for all School Nurse licenses:

  • copy of NH registered nurse license

  • application for School Nurse licensure

  • Employment Verification Letter: 3 years’ clinical pediatric nursing experience or related work experience (including, but not limited to public health, community health, family mental health, emergency and primary care nursing) under a valid RN license

  • $75 application fee

School Nurse I (applications accepted as of December 2023)

  • Official Transcripts: Associate’s Degree in Nursing or higher

  • Verification of enrollment in a board of nursing approved approved ADN to Bachelor’s in Nursing program

School Nurse I licensed nurses shall be able to renew a School Nurse I license after one three year cycle. At the end of the second three year cycle, a School Nurse I must meet the requirements of School Nurse III to remain licensed.

School Nurse II (applications no longer accepted after 8/25/19)

School Nurse III

  • Official Transcripts: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or higher

  • Out of State education department certified nurses or NCSN (national) certified nurses must submit only a copy of these certifications for evaluation


For questions about School Nurse licensure, please submit a Help Desk request.

Renewal of School Nurse Licensure

Recommended Renewal

DOE Renewal