Upgrade to an Experienced Educator License (EEL)

Experienced Educator Licenses are not available for Paraeducators, School Nurse or Educational Interpreter/Transliterator.


  • If you are employed under a Professional Development Master Plan in NH and your employer will be recommending you for renewal, please contact your employer regarding your upgrade.

    • If your employer has recommended you for renewal and omitted the request for Experienced Educator upgrade:

      • as long as you have not yet applied for your renewal and paid, your employer can redo your recommendation. Please contact your employer directly.

      • once application/payment is made, in order for us to correct the recommendation the employer must submit a PDF on letterhead signed by the Senior Educational Official stating that you have met the requirements for Experienced Educator upgrade. This PDF must be emailed by the employer to credentialing.docs@doe.nh.gov and must include your name and Ed ID.


  • If you have an issued NH Beginning Educator license (and are not employed under a Professional Development Master Plan) or have not yet been issued a license but have submitted an application for a new license:

    • Please submit documentation from employer on the verification form linked below indicating you have at least 3 years of full-time experience as an educator at the elementary through secondary levels of education, being deemed effective or above according to the local evaluation system for 2 consecutive years, and successfully completing a renewal cycle. Copies of your employment contracts or performance reviews are not sufficient documentation.

    • Please also submit the request for an EEL upgrade form linked below, as applicants meeting NH licensure requirements are automatically issued a Beginning Education License (BEL) unless a formal request is submitted.

Directions for submission:




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